30-Year Limited Warranty

Environmentally Safe Products Inc.(ESP) is the manufacturer of ESP Low-E® Reflective Insulation.

Effective on July 1st 2022, purchases of ESP Low-E® Reflective Insulation products are now covered by our 30 year limited warranty. The warranty begins on the date of purchase and protects against manufacturer defects. You can rest assured that prior to leaving any of our manufacturing plants or distribution facilities the product you have purchased has been inspected multiple times to make sure it meets all factory specifications, is free from damage or defect, is packaged properly and has been readied for shipment in accordance with stringent company procedures.

Product damage or defect issues should be documented immediately and reported to the local dealer or distributor where the insulation was purchased. ESP will ask for photos of the damage or defect. Each roll of product has a manufacturing sticker which includes a bar code, a roll ID number and a product code. These will be used to identify the specific damaged or defective product. All dealers and distributors are required to secure the insulation in a dry, protected area so as to keep the insulation out of adverse weather conditions while in storage. The purchaser is required to do the same.

This warranty is related to ESP Low-E® Reflective Insulation products only and does not cover the cost of other building materials, labor for installation / removal or re-installation of replacement product and / or other building materials. Most of our products have specific installation methods. Proper installation is the responsibility of the contractor / installer. Any information on proper installation can be obtained by contacting ESP at 800-289-5693

At it’s discretion, ESP may choose to inspect, repair or replace all or some insulation if damage or defect is determined to be present. ESP holds the right to determine if submitted warranty claims are legitimate or cosmetic only. If cosmetic, it may still be suitable to perform as designed and therefore not subject to warranty claim. In the event ESP determines that there is in fact a warranty issue ESP will replace the product and pay for shipping that replacement product to the dealer, distributor or purchaser. ESP may opt to have the defective or damaged product (or a portion of it) returned to ESP for inspection. Any return of product to ESP must be approved and must be documented with a return authorization (RA). This will be provided to the dealer, distributor or purchaser if deemed necessary by ESP. No shipping charges will be accepted by ESP without an RA.

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For over 30 years, Environmentally Safe Products, Inc. has been a leader in the reflective insulation industry; manufacturing and shipping products all over the United States and throughout the world. 

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