Protecting Your Home From Radon

Published June 23, 2022

Did you know that radon is the number one cause of lung cancer for nonsmokers and the second leading cause of cancer overall? According to the EPA, radon is responsible for about 21,000 lung cancer deaths a year. Furthermore, did you know that radon could be in the air you breathe at home?

You are probably now thinking, “How can I lower radon levels in my home?” We have a solution for homeowners looking to decrease radon levels and the heat transfer between your home and the ground below it. Low-E SlabShield® is a radon barrier, vapor barrier, and under slab insulation all wrapped into one product!

What is a Radon Barrier?

Radon gas moves through the ground and comes from the natural decay of uranium. Radon can enter homes through cracks in floors, walls, and foundations. According to the EPA, old and new homes can have radon problems, including well sealed homes. Once radon enters your home, it is trapped and can build up over time. A radon barrier is laid underground below a concrete slab, which helps keep radon from seeping the slab and into your home. Low-E SlabShield® serves as an effective radon barrier to protect homeowners from radon in their homes.

What is a Vapor Barrier?

Water vapor can cause a variety of moisture issue problems in your home. A vapor barrier prevents water vapor from reaching building walls, ceilings, attics, crawl spaces and roofs. Vapor moisture can cause mold to grow and rot your home building materials, which can be avoided with the help of Low-E SlabShield®. Low-E SlabShield® acts as a vapor barrier due to its closed cell polyethylene foam.

What is Low-E Slab Shield?

Concrete is a conductor of heat, which means it is a poor insulator. When temperatures drop outside, you actually lose heat through your floor as it moves through your concrete foundation and into the ground beneath your home. Low-E SlabShield® substantially reduces this heat transfer by keeping more of the heat inside your home. Low-E SlabShield® is a significant upgrade when added to any exterior snow melt system as well. Once again, a considerable amount of the heat generated in the tubes beneath your slab in this kind of system is usually lost to the ground below. When added to this system, Low-E SlabShield® makes it much more efficient. The teenager that shovels your driveway will thank you! SlabShield® also adjusts itself to the ground, which makes for an easier concrete pour.

Low-E SlabShield® specifically features:

  • Decrease in Slab Response Time
  • Excellent Radon Barrier
  • Excellent Vapor Barrier
  • Exclusive Interlocking Tabs
  • Convenient & Lightweight
  • Puncture Resistant to 93 PSI
  • Crush Resistant to 70 PSI
  • Helps Retain Curing Moisture for Stronger Concrete

Let us help you lower the radon levels in your home and work toward lowering the impact radon has on our lungs. Low-E SlabShield® can serve as a radon barrier to achieve this goal!

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