How Housewrap Can Help Keep Your Home Cool

Published August 16, 2022

Whether you are a current homeowner or building, we strongly encourage you to consider utilizing Low-E Housewrap® for your home. Our Housewrap® serves as not only a weather resistant-barrier but also insulation and is essential for every climate. Specifically, Housewrap® helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What Is Low-E Housewrap®?

Low-E Housewrap® is an ICC approved stand alone house wrap that can be used in lieu of traditional house wraps. It acts as a weather resistant barrier, which protects your home from moisture infiltrating your inner wall cavities, and also insulation, reflecting 97% of radiant heat and providing a thermal break. Low-E Housewrap® helps lower your energy costs and save you money! It can be installed behind any external cladding, such as vinyl and brick. Below are five main benefits of Low-E Housewrap®.

  • Saves Money On Energy Bills
  • Minimizes Water And Moisture Infiltration
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Minimizes Wind And Air Leaks To Keep Your Home Its Set Temperature
  • Increases Energy Savings

How Does Housewrap® Keep My Home Cool?

Everyone knows you need Low-E windows, right? But does anyone know WHY you need them? It’s because Low-E windows contain glass that has been coated in invisible layers of metallic oxide. This coating reflects UV rays and infrared light (radiant heat) back out into the environment. This means you use less energy to cool your home which in turn, saves you money! Low-E Housewrap® works in much the same way. It reflects 97% of radiant heat and adds R-4.17 behind hollow-back vinyl siding. If you pushed all of your windows together, it only makes up about 10%-20% of your wall system. The other 80%-90% is exterior sheathing (OSB). If we all know we should be using Low-E windows to protect that 10%-20%, why would you not use Low-E Housewrap® to protect the other 80%-90%?

Additional Benefits of Low-E Housewrap®

While we have already listed five benefits of Low-E Housewrap®, there are many more advantages! Below are six more reasons to use to our Housewrap®.

  • Improves Insulation System Performance
  • For Use Behind Most Exterior Cladding
  • Used by Top Builders and Remodelers Nationwide
  • Adds R-Value To Wall System
  • Installs Like Any Traditional House Wrap
  • Helps Meet IECC Code Without Switching to 2′ x 6′ Construction

Yes, You Do Need It!

Simply put – your home and comfort will greatly benefit from Low-E Housewrap® increasing your energy efficiency and thermal performance. And it’ll save you some money too!

Let Low-E Housewrap® help protect your home. If you are interested in installing Housewrap® to benefit you and your home in more ways than one, we can help you locate a Low-E dealer. To continue your home’s energy savings, read about our other high quality products!

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