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Everything You Need To Know About Low-E ThermaSheet®

Published July 14, 2022

The Roofing Underlayment You Need!

Have you ever poured hot coffee into a paper cup and burned your hand from the heat? As a result, you put a sleeve on your coffee cup to protect your hands from the heat. The coffee sleeve provides a thermal break between your hand and the hot drink, which is similar to what Low-E ThermaSheet® does for your roof. ThermaSheet® acts as a thermal barrier between the harsh sun and your cool, air conditioned home. In this article, we will describe everything you need to know about Low-E ThermaSheet® and the great benefits it provides homeowners.

What is ThermaSheet®?

Low-E ThermaSheet® is an insulated roof underlayment designed to help homeowners save energy and money while maintaining a nice air conditioned home. The thermal break created by ThermaSheet® reduces the temperature below your roof deck. The lowered temperature allows your HVAC system a much needed break in the hot summers, because less radiant heat is entering your home. In the summer, radiant heat is responsible for 93% – 97% of that heat gain. To put it simply, Low-E ThermaSheet® stops some of the heat from entering, which results in your air conditioner not having to work as hard to cool your home. This saves energy, which saves you money on your utility bill.

Low-E ThermaSheet® Product Benefits

Below are just a few reasons why Low-E ThermaSheet® can prove to be the best roof underlayment for you and your home.

Stand alone

Low-E ThermaSheet® is ICC approved to be a stand alone roofing underlayment. It does not
need to be used in conjunction with felt paper, synthetics or any other traditional roofing
underlayments. It is your roofing underlayment and insulation all-in-one!

Cuts down on energy usage

ThermaSheet® can help reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce your home energy usage. Your planet will thank you for choosing ThermaSheet® as your roof underlayment!

Saves money on monthly bills

Who doesn’t love saving money? As we described earlier, installing ThermaSheet® can decrease your monthly utility bills by saving on energy. Warm summer temperatures mean your air conditioner is working hard to keep you cool. Let ThermaSheet® work together with your home HVAC system to give you more summer spending money.


ThermaSheet® is about 500 square feet and weighs 18 lbs.

Serves as a vapor and moisture barrier

ThermaSheet is also a protective vapor and moisture barrier! This will help keep unwanted moisture from building up in places such as attics, crawlspaces, and ceilings. Not only is ThermaSheet® a vapor barrier but it also self seals around fasteners! There are THOUSANDS of nails in a normal roofing system. The closed cell polyethylene foam core of Low-E ThermaSheet® self seals and acts as a gasket around every penetration. No more water finding its way through nail pops and rotting out your roof!

Non toxic material

Protect your family and yourself by utilizing non toxic materials for your home. ThermaSheet® is 100% made in the U.S.A using non toxic, easy to handle materials and available nationwide.

Durable and Versatile

Low-E ThermaSheet® is durable and can be left out when “drying time” is needed. It can be installed under shingles, metal roofs, clay tile, and more!

Easy installation process

ThermaSheet® is easy to cut and install, providing a simple and fast installation process.

ThermaSheet® Product Details

Below are brief product details, however, the product benefits and details are endless. Give us a call for specific questions about the product details.

  • Self seals around fasteners
  • ⅛” thickness available nationwide. 7/32” thickness available to comply with California Title 24 Cool Roof standards
  • Can be used for new and re roofing
  • TDI, CA, and FL approved
  • Built in overlap, meaning full five square coverage

Are you ready to start saving money and energy each month? Low-E ThermaSheet® can benefit your home and family in more ways than one. Give us a call today if you have any questions or to get started on your Low-E ThermaSheet® purchase!

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