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Benefits of Low-E Housewrap:

  • Used by Top Builders and Remodelers Nationwide
  • Adds R-Value To Wall System
  • Increases Energy Savings
  • Improves Insulation System Performance
  • For Use Behind Most Any Exterior Cladding
  • Built In Overlap Means Full Five Square Coverage
  • Installs Like Any Traditional House Wrap
  • Helps Meet IECC Code Without Switching to 2' x 6' Construction
  • Blocks 97% Of Radiant Heat & Provides A Thermal Break

In a space thinner than a pancake, you can dramatically improve a home's energy efficiency. Using the same reflective technology that protects NASA astronauts from the sun's searing heat, Low-E Housewrap blocks 97% of radiant heat transfer through your walls. Low-E Housewrap combines the benefits of a weather-resistant barrier with a superior thermal performance. It is light, safe and easy to cut with a utility knife. It can be fastened with staples or cap nails like an ordinary house wrap and stands up to rough handling.