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Benefits of Low-E Ductwrap:

  • Increases energy savings
  • Non-toxic, no fiberglass – no itching
  • Excellent vapor barrier
  • Installs easily with razor knife and foil tape
  • All Testing Current and Available
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Flexible and durable
  • Improves insulation system performance
  • Excellent for crawl spaces
  • Great for new construction or retrofits
  • Reflects up to 97% radiant energy

ESP Low-E HVAC/Radiant Insulation is constructed of closed cell polyethylene faced on both sides with a durable 99.4% pure aluminum. These products have a multitude of uses within the HVAC and Radiant Heating Industries. From duct insulation, cold air returns, radiant floor applications and interior stud wall insulation ESP Low-E Insulation can offer many benefits for both the installer and the homeowner versus typical duct/radiant insulation. It stops up to 97% of radiant heat transfer, absorbs absolutely no moisture, won’t mildew or deteriorate and it’s totally non-toxic. This results in a clean, hypo-allergenic insulation that is free of fibers. Best of all , for the installer, it is lightweight, cuts easily with a razor knife and there is NO ITCH!